About The New Essenes

The New Essenes Network is a group who have been brought together by a common interest in the Essenes. The organisation – formerly known as Essene Network International - was founded by Sir George Trevelyan, Anne MacEwen, Brian and Jackie Stevenson to popularise the wonderful meditations with Angels published by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely in his book, “The Gospel of the Essenes”. Founded in 1987, the organisation was conceived in order to spread a greater appreciation of the underlying “message” at the heart of most spiritual teachings. It is neither sectarian nor racial but simply seeks to embrace all teachings of a truly spiritual nature.

Underlying much of this are the teachings of the Persian Sage Zarathustra. The main emphasis is upon self-realisation and working with the Divine Spark present in each of us, seeking to manifest through us. It is an essentially practical, yet beautiful concept directed towards nurturing a sense of wholeness among all people through the integration and balancing of mind, body and spirit.

To help achieve these aims we employ and teach many methods including meditation and communion with the Angelic Forces, peace contemplations, harmony with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms and with all creation, diet and positive thinking.

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Our members seek to help people to adjust to new spiritual energies and a rapidly changing world. Many of us are healers and therapists. We are also becoming aware of a great awakening to another dimension in which we recognise the sacredness of our beautiful planet. We commit to being Children of Light and feel caught up in a process of becoming more enlightened. We begin to respond to the cosmic energies of love and light now pouring liberally upon us. When we focus our prayers together at a sacred site or around a tree or at our gatherings, our thoughts are amplified and can be lifted by the Angels to spread goodwill, devotion, healing and peace to the whole world. We need many more groups of loving souls willing to work for the good of all. In time the concerted power of our thinking will result in a change of consciousness for all humanity.

Today we feel we are New Essenes, linked into the great changes that are developing around us. We strive to fulfil as best we can a service to higher realms in cooperation with divine influences.

As members of the New Essenes Network we work together in a spiritual sense for a better world.

Our gatherings are light and joyful as you would expect from the coming together of like minded people.

For more information, see the history or feel free to contact us.